The Start of VDarts South Africa

Vdarts South Africa (Electronic dartboard brand) started as a meer thought as most businesses do.

The Electronic Brand (Vdarts) locally was started by a couple of entrepreneurs, who were always fascinated about the electronic dartboard technology and evolution it’s bringing to the darts industry and how well electronic darts were doing in Europe and Asia.

At the time, their initial focus was to start emulating what some of the biggest electronic commercial dartboard brands were doing globally at bars/public venues, in a way that was revolutionizing darts and how the games were being played.

After the Vdarts South Africa team did a number of research on the various electronic dartboard brands and markets especially the top dart brands globally. They started to see some niche opportunities that weren’t being used within the darts industry and saw this to be a way to bring value to the electronic dartboard market, locally and internationally.

So the Vdarts South Africa Team went on a journey of discovery with the Vdarts brand, which is one of the biggest electronic dartboard brands Internationally, with a combined product range of commercial electronic dartboards and home user dartboards, for dart enthusiasts or for anyone that is keen to learn a new skill, or simply for entertainment with mates, from the comfort of their home, or simply at a local sports bar, restaurant, …

However little did they know about certain local market challenges that at a later stage turned out to be quite costly, especially when trying to create a niche industry in a country that never had electronic darts at bars/public venues (coin-operated dartboard machines) for the past two decades.

So, this was the start of Vdarts South Africa!

VDarts South Africa started in cape town originally. The initial plan was to install electronic dartboards in bars/public venues. These were commercial electronic dartboard machines, specifically designed to be solely used for bars/public venues, which operated with a coin drop system, a very similar coin system as to how you would go about it if you went to a bar and wanted to play a pool game

The dartboard also allowed for dart players, to play global matches VS anyone globally, based on their ranking (Skill level ranking based on your average game score), as long as the internet connection was connected at the bar.

And so the journey began with the electronic dartboard team contacting bar owners within cape town, and proposing the business opportunity to bar owners.

So, pretty much VDarts South Africa (electronic dartboard brand) would give a percentage of the monthly revenue of the total profit generated by the electronic dartboard installed at the bar.

One of the challenges at the start especially in cape town was around the skepticism bar owners had, when it came to accepting the business proposal, from Vdarts South Africa.

Bar owners had no risk nor any investment required at all! They always had the option to ask VDarts South Africa to remove the electronic dartboard at any point in time if they were unhappy for whatever reason.

Even though that bar owners were skeptical about what VDarts South Africa had to offer within cape town, the VDarts Team still got a number of machines into bars, in the western cape province. Within this province, VDarts (electronic dartboard brand) was only able to close these business proposals to bar owners at a ratio of 1 out of 10, which was a terrible closing sales ratio.

After analyzing these stats, and having completed about 70 plus pitches, to various bar Owners, VDarts South Africa had to pause and make some sort of a change.

So the Vdarts South Africa team decided to test the Johannesburg market. This was the best decision for VDarts South Africa, from a business perspective.

The closing ratio jumped to 9-10 Bar owners pitched, in Johannesburg.

The Market was a lot more receptive and suitable for the whole VDarts South Africa business dynamics!

And so another chapter began for Vdarts South Africa.  

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