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So after the challenges that Vdarts South Africa (one of the leading electronic dartboard brand) experienced, we are still very happy with the Vdarts products and updates that Vdarts keeps producing and bringing to the market of darts and Electronic darts in general.

We are soon to receive new electronic dartboard stock, for a new electronic dartboard that Vdarts has just launched into the Darts/electronic dartboard market. This product has only been officially launched about 1 month ago, from the date of this blog post, so it’s a very fresh product per se.

It’s a Vdarts electronic dartboard, known specifically as the H3, which is an upgrade of the H2.

It essentially has a better design, a more appealing look (With LED lights), and a more durable and silent (darts impact noise), compared to the H2; keeping in mind that the H2 was already a decent dartboard from a durability perspective.

We work with Vdarts Global, constantly to try and make this as cost-effective as possible for our local clients, especially considering the currency spike (USD VS ZAR), and freight as a whole. This means that we are pretty much negotiating constantly, and sometimes having to take this up with their CEO, especially to make this affordable for clients, which allows us to grow the industry and Brand.

As mentioned, Vdarts South Africa expects to have these electronic dartboards (new stock) in South Africa in early December this year, and available for local clients nationwide. This Vdarts electronic dartboard is going to roughly cost around R4000 per board, including delivery to your respective address within South Africa.

After a number of tests of the various electronic dartboards brand (Leading brands), we have come to the conclusion that Vdarts provides the most durable and cost-effective product within the electronic dartboard market, as of today.

We’ve also recently started conversations with some potential partners, and at least one of them, for now, is joining us on the venture of changing and growing darts as a whole. This specific dartboard partner is not only looking to grow locally but also internationally.

Our new partner as of now is a platform known as Play Darts Online. This is also a fairly new development, which we are excited to be partners with and see where our partnership will go.

Play Darts Online is essentially a platform that allows anyone across the world to play electronic dartboard tournaments from the comfort of your home, which provides a few features.

One of the big benefits of this platform is an anti-cheating system, that’s regulated by the admin team & platform. There is a full guideline as to how the electronic dartboard tournament and games work, which is all stipulated in their Regulation, available on the website: www.playdartsonline.com, to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Play Darts Online has a number of other features and benefits for dart players as a whole, currently and with an amazing vision for the near future!

Since Vdarts has joined Play Darts Online, we have some cool things we might do in the near future as this partnership grows, especially for our Vdarts & play darts online local clients (South Africa).

Some of this will be related to taking these remotely played tournaments nationally, to a grand finale that gets hosted at a local venue within South Africa. But of course, this can only happen, once we get enough traction around the whole Electronic Dartboard industry within South Africa.

Mission and Vision irrespective of our own challenges as we’ve faced in the last couple of years is to continuously innovate and grow the sport as a whole.

All feedback and any assistance are always welcome, as we value the feedback of our clients!

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