H3L Electronic Dartboard

The H3L is very similar to our H3 electronic Dartboard.

Difference between H3L & H3

The main difference between both Vdarts electronic dartboards are the extra LED Lights that the H3L has, which automatically adapts its lighting effects to each game (Cricket, 01, …), which guides you by illuminating certain segments / numbers on the actual electronic dartboard  as you play your dart games. 

All else is the same, when it comes to comparing both Vdarts electronic Dartboards, besides their slight difference in shape from a design point of view! 

H3L Vdarts Electronic Dartboard Features

The H3L Electronic dartboard introduces you into the new era of dartboards, and a huge step up from the traditional dartboard! The Vdarts H3L Electronic dartboard opens up a new chapter in your darts life & entertainment, where you get to take your traditional dartboard experience and games to a whole new level.

  • The Electronic dartboard will keep track of the score!
  • You can easily play darts alone to practice, with your friends or the vdarts robot from the comfort of your home.
  • With this electronic dartboard you can also play games against anyone who owns a Vdarts dartboard no matter where in the world they are located.
  • You have the ability to see your opponent through the game app, on your smartphone while playing your game.

Perfect for Home OR Public Venues!

  • Vdarts Game Application
  • Various Vdarts Games
  • Play Darts Online National & International
  • Vdarts DIY Decor
  • Vdarts Features all new V Point and Game Treasure
  • Access to various Vdarts friendly international darts tournaments, played online through your electronic dartboard.
  • Track your games played, and rankings through our Vdarts membership App, and much more, …
  • Adaptive LED Light feature

Fun For The Entire Family

The VDarts H3 Electronic dartboard is here to offer you both complete fun alone, and with your entire family or friends! This Electronic dartboard can be used offline (Disconnected from the internet), while you play your Vdarts games against your family or friends from the comfort of your home.

Moreover, the VDarts electronic dartboard can simply be used for entertainment OR to improve on your darts skills before you go online, to challenge / play a darts game against an international Vdarts player!

If you want to maximize the fun, we suggest you gather around all your relatives and get the VDarst party started! Simply connect the Vdarts Electronic Dartboard to your TV / smartphone and you, your family and friends can have a Vdarts fun filled time, by playing some dart games with your Vdarts Electronic dartboard!

vDartsGame (APP)

[Android devices] Processor: Quad-core 1.2G; RAM: 2GB; Operating System: Android4.4.3 or later versions; Bluetooth: 4.0; Support: OpenGL 2.0

[Apple devices] iPhone 5s/iPad Air 2/iPad mini 2 with iOS 8 or higher


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