Bar or Pub Rental – Revenue Sharing Coin Operated
Electronic Dartboard Machines

Why Should You Choose Our VDarts Commercial Series?

  • A great way to increase foot traffic to your bar or pub.
  • Continuous learning.
  • Keep people around for longer.
  • Sell more food and drinks.
  • Get a share on the profit the machine makes.

What Does Your Establishment Need?

  • Steady internet connection
  • Electricity
  • Clear Wall Space (300cm length X 100cm width)

About VDarts Dartboards

  • Eye-catching LED lights and special effects.
  • Automatic counter.
  • Offline dart game.
  • Global online dart game.

Membership Cards

If you check out our “Where to play” tab, you will be able to see the places you can play. Our Membership and FUN Membership Platform is required to be swiped before you can play internationally. This will allow you to show off your ranking, and add new points. In addition, you can use the platform to edit your profile, check fame info, other members rankings, and view your game data.

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Why to Rent from us?

Zero Risk, no Pre-pay

No investment cost, no deposit fee, nothing. All that is needed is a suitable venue

Increase Traffic

With vDarts your venue will be visited from players for tournaments or just for entertainment

Keep people in your venue for longer

Once a player starts a game in vDarts, he/she can play for hours and hours. This will mean higher profits for you from food and drinks

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