Our vibrant and eye-catching electronic dart boards are not just for people looking to have some fun, as they are equally loved by professionals!

The LED lights featured on the dartboard offer great attraction, and as each section of the board is highlighted even a beginner will be able to tell the difference. This commercial electronic dartboard features a number of special effects, that are included to enhance your gaming experience and will change the way you have played darts forever!

The HD TV connected to the electronic dartboard machine allows for some stunning visual effects!

Play Ultimate games on various Time Packages:

By choosing the right time package you will be able to enjoy all the game for endless hours!

This risk-free investment, that can possibly increase your revenue.

A great attraction to pull in more clients, and have them stay for longer than expected! In addition, you will be able to attract more business.

Play Online With Other Global VDart Game Players

It does not matter if you are using the commercial or the home version, you will be able to take part in both national and international tournaments. In addition, you will get to play against players from all around the world! The current version of the application supports English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Spanish, and Japanese.

vDartsGame (APP)

[Android devices] Processor: Quad-core 1.2G; RAM: 2GB; Operating System: Android4.4.3 or later versions; Bluetooth: 4.0; Support: OpenGL 2.0

[Apple devices] iPhone 5s/iPad Air 2/iPad mini 2 with iOS 8 or higher


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